Tailored missions

Staff and infrastructure protection

Hotels, luxury shops, business premises or events supervision; our teams are authorized to intervene on various types of missions to ensure your safety, those of your customers, collaborators and of your sensitive goods.

  • Input and output flow control, environmental control
  • Visitors’ reception
  • Technical and electronical system management
  • Field analysis, evacuation plan
Security lamp

Risk and threat analysis and counsellings

We conduct a risk inventory, which involves working together to map your operations, equipment, employee influence, and existing protection. The purpose of this risk inventory is to identify and make you aware of the weaknesses and risks of your operations. 


  • Provision of consultants
  • Recruitment of executives and local staff
  • Search for premises, vehicles, industrial sites


We provide security agents from military elite units to better serve the safety of politicians, delegations or expatriate staff of your company with the utmost respect for their privacy.


  • Needs and geopolitical situation analysis
  • Prior recognition of your trips and on the site
  • High technology equipment, technical and human logistics management

International missions

Recruited into elite units for their expertise, their discretion, their skills and their ability to cope with sensitive situations, our security agents will integrate perfectly with your current living conditions and the nature of your events.


Always in accordance with local laws. Always with rigor, availability, and reliability. The experience of our national and international missions has allowed us to develop our concept of personalized security.

ISA Protection Ltd.,
Exceptional security for exceptional clients


For the sake of confidentiality and safety, we can not divulge the name of our customers. 

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